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per month

1 project at a time

Graphic design


UX/UI design



per month

2 projects at a time

Graphic design


UX/UI design



per month

3 projects at a time

Graphic design


UX/UI design



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Accelerate the results of your company by requesting more tasks at a time and customizing the services that fit your needs.

Grow your business quickly with customizable services.

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Perfect for startups to scale the business, while we take care of your design needs.



Perfect to grow your own design agency with a variety of white label services.



Perfect for well-established agencies with many ongoing projects.


Graphic design      
UX/UI design      
Graphic design  1 task  2 tasks  2 tasks
Branding  1 task  2 tasks  2 tasks
UX/UI design  1 task  2 tasks  2 tasks
Revisions  2 tasks  2 tasks 3 tasks
Trial period tasks ** 1 1 1
Total simultaneous tasks 2 2 3
Task submissions per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Revisions submissions per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Urgent project 1/mo
White Label      
Money back guarantee 14 days 14 days 14 days

* eCommerce service can be used for a standard website task to request 2 websites at the same time.
** During the 14-days grace period you can request one task at a time. The risk-free period stops on the original file request, even during those 14 days.

Frequently asked questions

Is it really unlimited?

Yes. You can submit as many project request as you need, and we will process them on a queue basis. This does mean that projects are completed individually, but it also guarantees top quality work for each request.

How many projects can I request a month?

You can request us as many projects as you wish, however, each plan has projects request limit, which are worked on simultaneously, anything additional will be worked on consecutively. For example, on Business plan you can request three projects at the same time (e.g. business card design, mobile app design and WordPress website).

What are the turnaround times?
Turnaround time is dependent on complexity of the design job. For larger projects, we work with you to set a suitable delivery date.

The more details about turnarounds you can find on Timeframes page.

How do revisions work?

Once you have received your design, you are free to request as many revisions as necessary. The revision request usually takes 1-2 working days, however, more complex changes will be given an extended delivery estimate to ensure quality. We don’t take 2 days for a simple 10 min revisions.

How does submission work?

We’re here to make the process as seamless for you as possible. The small tasks you can request via email or live chat, however, for larger projects we prefer you to fill up the simple form and we’ll get to work.

Will you process requests at the weekend?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (UTC-08:00). We are human and need time to rest our hands and brains ready to create great  work during the week, so any requests received during the weekend will be processed and responded on Monday (unless it’s a national holiday).

Are there any contracts or committments?
If you want to sign up for one month only, that’s fine. You are free to decide not to renew your monthly service anytime you like.
Do you outsource to cheaper designers?
Never. Everything is done in-house.
Do I own the work upon completion?

Yes! Once we finish a project for you and you can use it in any way you wish. The work (intellectual property) we create for your company is owned by you and your business.

Please note, there may be other considerations like photography or design elements from stock websites, that are outside of our ownership or control.

How do I cancel my account?
We’re sad to see you go! You are free to cancel your account anytime. If you want to sign up for one month only, that’s fine. You are free to decide not to renew your monthly service anytime you like. To cancel your account, simply email us at and we will do the rest.
Can I change the plan at any time?
Sure. You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. Simply email us at and we will take care of that for you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All services come with a 14-day grace period. If you don’t like what you see in those first 14 days, you are entitled to a full refund. So, there’s absolutely nothing to lose by signing up and trying Zomlex. Let’s get started.