About Us

In a nutshell

We benefit your business whether it’s just a startup or a well established company. Our goal is to take upon the hustle of hiring freelancer to reduce the costs associated with design services so that you can focus on looking forward and growing your business. Imagine like having your own design studio at your fingertips where we do all the work, under your own brand. For a low flat monthly fee let us care create unlimited graphic design tasks, web development, website maitenance and all design related activities.


In 2015, Zomlex was founded in Seattle, WA, by passionate team of designers with a mission to make the life easier for our clients. We know from our experience that things sometimes can get really stressful when you run your own business. Our team is here to support you so you can save time, money and grow your business faster.

We are a small team of professional graphic and web designers previously working with fast-growing startups as well as with our own projects. Here are some of them we are really proud of:


Musefree is the biggest resource for the Adobe Muse community. It has been working for about 5 years, and we helped hundred of thousands people to start with Muse. We had a huge influence on Adobe Muse promotion in the community and we grew with Muse. Musefree was featured on Adobe website, however, the sad news chocked the entire Muse community that Adobe is shutting down the software by 2020.


When Adobe announced that Muse software was going to be out of business by 2020, the entire community was chocked by the news. Musefree wanted to cheer up its readers and we offered a free website builder. Musepages comes with stunning collection of pre-made blocks, components and templates that will help to build the website fast and easy.

Coming soon

We are happy to share that we are working on two another amazing projects that will serve hundred of thousands people round the world. Stay tuned for updates.

Our beliefs

We try to make things as simple as possible and we want to put an end to the choice between affordability and quality! Time and money are the most valuable resources, therefore, we believe in making it easy and profitable for agencies to have the best unlimited designs and websites for a low flat monthly fee.

Our subscription model is very plain and simple. You can request unlimited projects and revisions for one low, fixed monthly payment. No more hourly or fixed rates for each and every project. It’s the same price every month, no matter how much you use Zomlex.

We totally understand that working with a new company or trying a new designer sometimes can be a big deal. So you can try our services for 14 days with no risk, contracts or minimum terms! Let’s get started.

The team based in Seattle, WA
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee